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Patient Testimonials

Here is what some of our current patients have to say about the care they receive at Family Holistic Health

I love Dr. Cseak & the staff at F.H.H!
I came to Dr. Cseak in May of 2022, I was suffering from long haul covid along with anxiety, depression & past trauma. The virus heighened my health issues to the point that I felt out of control over my health no matter what I tried, until I found Dr. Cseak. Natural healing in our mind & body is possible with a homeopathic Dr. like Dr. Cseak who is caring, compassionate and dedicated to helping our body return to it's natural rhythm.
Since, I started my remedies and OMT with Dr. Cseak I have improved beyond belief and every month I notice I am feeling more myself again!
If you want to improve your overall health or you are truly suffering I hope you find Dr. Cseak, she is truly a blessing.   L.E.

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Healing is a term that is mostly lost in our modern medicine world.  It has been replaced with long waits, frustrating office visits and a pill for every ill.   Which coincidentally leads to another one, and another one, and well, you get the picture.  What is invaluable is finding a practice that truly does focus on healing the individual.  This does not come overnight in most circumstances, nor does it come easily.  However the wonderful truth in front of us is that the body was created to heal.  It just needs the pathway to find it.  That is where Dr. Cseak and Family Holistic Health spend their efforts and focus.  In this practice you will find compassion, care and healing.   My family (spouse and 4 children) and I have been patients now for over a decade.  We cannot say enough about how wonderful our experiences have been here and how grateful we are for what Dr. Cseak and her practice has done for us.  My hope is that if you are here reading this that you strongly consider taking this step onto a new path, and that in it you find what you need, that you find healing.   What a gift!




Dr. Cseak and the entire staff at F.H.H. are extremely impressive. Nowhere in the County will you find competent homeopathic treatment for acute or chronic health conditions and the availability of conventional medical care. Dr. Cseak is extremely professional and takes time to listen and to explain things in a non rushed fashion. My observations are based on my familiarity with the
F.H.H. practice over the last 15 years. Most recently, I experienced a sudden and serious illness that necessitated a number of calls and messages, including some after hours. The responses were always timely and enabled me to get the treatments needed for a successful recovery.


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Our family of five feel confident that with Dr. Cseak we have an ally for our health both physically and mentally. Although we primarily go to her for her effective alternative expertise in homeopathy she will use conventional treatments when necessary. 


Dr. Karin Cseak and the staff at Family Holistic Health are truly incredible.
Dr. Cseak has gone above and beyond to be certain that my complete health and wellness have been made a first priority.  This was especially evident during my COVID illness.
Her medical expertise and  compassion are excellent and I highly recommend her practice!


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Dr. Cseak is the gold standard for what all physicians should be.  She respects my desire to get well, welcomes my participation, and engages me in the healing process.  Our appointments are an exchange of ideas and information and she listens carefully, offering thoughtful and creative interventions for complex medical conditions.  My feedback becomes part of her decision-making process and it’s empowering to be able to participate in my health care.  Such a refreshing contrast to the commercialized impersonal environment of modern medicine.  With Dr. Cseak, I’m not just a medical chart.  She applies compassion and empathy that soothes the soul.  A true patient advocate.


3 years ago, after dealing with mounting physical issues and not feeling comfortable with the medicines being prescribed, a friend recommended Dr. Cseak.  Without going into too many details, the difference in my health, and now my husband who started to see her, is life changing. I feel more in control of my total health picture: emotional,  physical,  environmental.  I pray she never retires!!



Have you ever come across a recipe and think "Omgosh, this is wonderful! Where has this been all my life?"   
Well that is what I feel about Dr. Cseak's office!  She came into my life and changed me!
I have been to several specialists and doctor appointments for many years.  I found Dr. Karin Cseak and she not only listens intently and spends quality time with me but also was able to figure out my ailments and work on a cure.  My life is changed because of her! 


I love Dr. Karin Cseak and her staff. 
In November of 2018 I was diagnosed with RA and some days it was so debilitating that I couldn't get out of bed without help, let alone brush my hair or go to the bathroom. The pain was excruciating and made me want to give up. I took high doses of prednisone and Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) but as soon as I weaned off of them it would flare up again. They wanted to give me methotrexate. It freaked me out! The side effects could be even worse than the RA. 
My goal was to not take any medications daily and I am here as living proof! 
It has taken a few years of trying different remedies, but I have been FLARE UP FREE for months now. No daily medications or terrible side effects! Just a teaspoon of remedy water last December and then again this past May. 
I am ecstatic! 
She treats the whole person, not just the one issue. Look at the 14 page questionnaire on her website for new patients. No other doctor ever asked me if I was afraid of anything or what foods I crave. 
The first few remedies may have caused other things to flare up but they eventually got cleared up too. It was totally worth the trial and error to find the remedy that worked! 
Think about it, all doctors are practicing, but Dr. Cseak wants you to get so well that she never has to see you ;-) 
Other doctors keep you medicated and dependent and use more drugs to treat those side effects and on and on until you need one of those weekly multi pill organizers. 
Stop the Madness! 
Go see Dr. Karin Cseak!


I highly recommend Dr Cseak.   Initially, I contacted her a few years ago because I had hives/itching.  I’d tried everything I could think of from traditional to natural remedies, but there was no relief.    Dr Cseak took the time to find out what was going on and the itching was gone.    I also had a back issue that she figured out and I have received osteomanipulation with much success!  This has also fixed my tendonitis.
Dr Cseak has improved my health in so many ways ~ from itchy skin to a bad back and everything in between!
Dr Cseak listens and finds a remedy that will help.   She and her staff truly care and will make sure whatever ails you is corrected.


I first went to Dr. Cseak to obtain my medical marijuana card, and I’m glad I did.  She was extremely helpful at helping me to determine dosages for my condition.  She has also treated me for severe spine issues and is a wizard at massaging away the pain.  For any other illness, she has kept me out of the pharmacies with the use of homeopathic treatments and I couldn’t be happier or in better health.


I initially went to Dr Cseak on the outside possibility that she might be able to help with the neuropathy in my feet and fingers.  Turned out that I had structural issues not identified by my MDs. These issues were contributing to, if not actually the cause of the problem.  With some adjustments and a small lift in my shoe - my neuropathy has diminished by at least 50% and my back, hip and rib pain are also greatly reduced.  When I am there, I feel both heard and really cared for.


I have been seeing Dr. Cseak for about 20 years and she is a wonderfully compassionate, brilliant, and intuitive doctor.
She takes the time to listen and address your concerns during your appointment and also takes time to be available for updates/follow ups, concerns, and/or questions following your appointment.  She really cares about your health and well being!!  I refer her to everyone I know or happen to meet looking for real solutions for their health issues.  Her office staff are exceptionally kind and helpful as well, you will not be disappointed! 


Dr. Cseak has changed my life. She's had an incredible impact on my health and wellness.  Historically I've had chronic pain and a decline in my fine motor skills.  Upon meeting Dr. Cseak I have seen huge improvements through osteopathic adjustments and am now rarely in pain. She's been a positive support system and I greatly appreciate when she does consultations regarding my health. She's so amazing to the point that I've referred her to my mother who is now also seeing her and also seeing a great impact on her wellbeing!


Dr. Cseak has been my primary care physician and has been treating me for several conditions for over 20 years.  These include Tourette and Asperger syndromes.  I am over 80 years old and have the usual infirmities of age:  prostate and other urinary tract issues, low thyroid, anemia, arthritis, etc.   Also such other occurrences as fractures, colds, flu, and pneumonia.  She has considerable expertise in the newly emerging fieldsof homeopathy and other wholistic therapies.  There are no known cures or treatments for either Tourette or Asperger syndromes, however Dr. Cseak has been able to manage these disorders for me well enough to pursue a law career and otherwise live a relatively normal life.  I have found Dr. Cseak always to be kind, considerate and compassionate.  


Dr Cseak is a caring and throrough physician. I feel very comfortable sharing concerns. She is a doctor that takes her time, listens to my concerns and answers my questions. She is very knowledgeable in an array of integrative medicines. She has provided me with alternative care for cancer and many other health challenges over the past 15 years.

Dr Cseak has been treating me and my family for 14 years! She has helped me and my family through the common colds, school/yearly physicals, food allergies, preterm labor, thyroid issues! Her expertise in homeopathic and osteo-manipulation has been such a blessing. Not only did she become my doctor those many years ago but a friend as well! Thank you!


Awesome doctor with skills in both conventional medicine and homeopathy! You couldn't ask for a better combination to meet all your healthcare needs. She is a real Blessing!

The healing I received through Family Holistic Health has been truly remarkable and I am forever grateful to Karin Cseak and her staff.  Twelve years ago my life had become unmanageable because of migraine headaches.  The uncontrollable pain, the fear of pain, and confusion were causing me to lose hope in the medical field.  The CT scan showed nothing and pharmaceutical medications provided little relief.  At the first visit to Dr. Cseak's practice, I could feel hope returning.  The new patient paperwork and first appointment were extensive.  Imagine a healthcare provider interviewing you for two hours with no stone left unturned.  I felt heard and I learned so much about my health and what affects it.  It took time but little by little I became well and began loving life again under her care. My perspective on healthcare is forever changed.  I can easily give the highest rating to this practice.  Thank you!


I have been a patient of Family Holistic Health for many years.  During that time I have found Dr. Cseak to be skillful, intuitive, and sensible in her approach towards my medical needs.  She has always treated me with respect and understanding, and carefully listened and assessed all my concerns.  I feel very fortunate that she is my medical provider and that I can turn to her with confidence during moments of need.

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